Six Nations to review France v Ireland HIA process

Statement from Six Nations Rugby Ltd:

Disciplinary Update – France v Ireland HIA Protocol

SNRL has in place a Head Injury Assessment Protocol that applies to the 2018 Championships, which has been approved by World Rugby. As part of that protocol, there is a process by which HIA/concussion-related incidents are reviewed. This involves an initial review by an independent HIA Review Processor, Alligin (UK) Limited, and then in certain cases a further review by an HIA Review Panel. The HIA Review Panel can as part of its review make recommendations (among other things) as to further education and training that is required, and/or whether disciplinary action should be taken by SNRL. This two-stage review process is required by World Rugby.

The HIA Review Processor is reviewing a number of incidents from the France v Ireland match in the senior men’s championship.  Depending on their findings, SNRL will be considering the next steps in respect of those incidents.

UPDATED – Monday 5 February 2018

A further statement has been issued:

HIA Review Update

Following the NatWest 6 Nations match between France and Ireland on Saturday, the independent Head Injury Assessment (HIA) Review Processor appointed by Six Nations, Alligin (UK) Limited, carried out its review of various incidents from the match. That initial review has now been concluded and, in light of the views expressed by the Review Processor, Six Nations Rugby has referred two such incidents to the HIA Review Panel, ie the second stage of World Rugby’s HIA review process.

The HIA Review Panel, which is chaired by Roger Morris (Wales), will consider the incidents and report to Six Nations. It can make recommendations (among other things) as to further education and training that is required, and/or whether disciplinary action should be taken by Six Nations. It is anticipated that, due to the need to consider various materials and contact a number of individuals, the HIA Review Panel is unlikely to finalise its report for a number of days.


  1. I hope they stamp this cheating nonsense out before it becomes ingrained in players, coaches and doctors. This is rugby for gods sake and if they want to play like that they should play football. suspend all involved for the rest of the tournament and hopefully it will send a message out.

    • Agree with you, nigel did not take proper charge on this occasion in his normal way. Perhaps the noisy french crowd intimidated him ?

  2. This action by French pLayers/staff seened co ordinated. GIVENCHY signalled to N Owens re the head injury, it seemed automatic to them, schooled, tactical, clear on TMO only knee. Nigel had a bad game overall, yellow card to french in first half would have stopped it.

  3. It was a leg injury not a head injury, therefore France brought a player on that was against the rules , when you watch a replay you can see it was not a head injury.

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