World Rugby video – New Global law trials explained

Alain Rolland, Head of High Performance 15’s Match Officials’ at World Rugby, has explained some of the new Global law trials in this easy-to-follow video:


We’re hoping for there to be a second one covering the ball in play changes too.

If you have any questions about these –the full set of laws are explained here – or any other laws and how we apply them as referees, then ask away at


  1. Watching some pro 14 on sat and sun, I questioned some decisions; Dragons’ 11 disallowed try- was foot in touch ‘clear and obvious’?
    Also scarlets’ disallowed try for juggle and batted backwards, what in the GLTs says not allowed?
    Like to read your opinions

  2. This IRB clip suggests that the arriving player must clearly step over the ball, what if the arriving player places their hands on the tackled player whilst supporting their body weight therefore forming a cover over the ball with both behind the ball?

    • Doesnt sound like there’s anything going on in that scenario – unless the pair of them deny a fair competition of the ball. Remember the tackled player also should release AND get up or roll away. If they don’t and that stops an opponent from playing the ball, then they’d be liable to penalty.

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