Advantage Over podcast – Episode 4

This week, we take a look at the refereeing and law news of the last few weeks, and a readers’ law question, before we focus on an issue that’s affecting all referees all over the world – player safety and concussion.

We’re joined by Scott MacLean from the Wellington Rugby Referees Association who explains how they are using a Blue Card trial for referees to deal with a suspected concussion.

Links to a number of things we discuss:

  • New Zealand’s Rugby Smart and Play safe initiative – click here for more. And the RFU’s Headcase concussion programme was references too
  • The death of Canadian player, Rowan Stringer in 2013 when she played rugby despite having undeclared concussion symptoms – story here

Other useful links on this subject:

Rugby Safety Network – created as a “friends of rugby” non-profit foundation to bring awareness to the severity of concussions, and to provide financial support to players suffering from consequences of continuous concussions

World Rugby Concussion management – focusses on Recognise & Remove


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