Women’s Rugby World Cup – first round referee appointments

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The first round of referee, assistant referee and television match official appointments for the Women’s Rugby World Cup have been made. The games kick off today (Wednesday 9 August) at the University College Bowl and the Billings Park arena, both in Dublin.

England v Spain
Referee: Aimee Barrett-Theron (South Africa)
ARs: Sean Gallagher (Ireland) & Rose LaBrèche (Canada)
TMO: Simon McDowell (Ireland)

New Zealand v Wales
Referee: Ian Tempest (England)
ARs: TBC & Hollie Davidson (Scotland)
TMO: Kevin Beggs (Ireland)

USA v Italy
Referee: Alhambra Nievas (Spain)
ARs: Sean Gallagher (Ireland) & Marie Lematte (France)
TMO: David Grashoff (England)

Canada v Hong Kong
Referee: Joy Neville (Ireland)
ARs: Claire Hodnett (England) Beatrice Benvenuti (Italy)
TMO: Kevin Beggs (Ireland)

Ireland v Australia
Referee: Tim Baker (Hong Kong)
ARs: Sara Cox (England) & Rose LaBrèche (Canada)
TMO: David Grashoff (England)

France v Japan
Referee: Graham Cooper (Australia)
ARs: Ian Tempest (England) Hollie Davidson (Scotland)
TMO: Simon McDowell (Ireland)


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