Referees for Americas Rugby Championship 2017

The match officials for the 2017 Americas Rugby Championship have been revealed.  In all, eight referees from five of the competing teams will control games starting on 3 Feb.

Claudio Cativelli from Uruguay will kick things off in the first game in Sao Paulo between Brazil and Chile, all the way to the final whistle to be blown by Joaquín Montes, also from Uruguay, on Mar. 4, when Argentina XV and USA could possibly decide the champion team.

Kurt Weaver, from USA Rugby, will officiate in three matches and commented, “We look forward to the tournament and working with the teams and players. The quality of play and matchups were very strong last year and we anticipate a raised level for this coming year’s tournament. I know all the referees are working hard preparing for their matches and we are excited for the opportunity.”

Cativelli, pictured left, is one of five referees designated to control two games – the others being Argentines Pablo Deluca and Damián Schneider, Derek Summers from the USA and Brazilian Ricardo Sant’Anna. Montes and Canadian Chris Assmus will referee one each.

Referees have been appointed by World Rugby whereas Assistant Referees are national union appointments and a positive way to promote local talent. Given the high stakes involved in the tournament, seven of the referees will also have assistant referee roles, with other 20 officials in that capacity added to the group. However, there are no Television Match Officials operating in this tournament. 

The Americas Rugby Championship is expected to deliver an increased number of international fixtures for American nations in every four year cycle, giving teams the opportunity to prepare for upcoming Rugby World Cups by scheduling a reliable program of International fixtures to supplement those already scheduled.

Tournament Director Trevor Arnold said: “Players and coaches striving to compete in a ‘professional’ environment have to be supported by match day personnel (Referees, Assistant Referees, Technical Zone Personnel, Referee Performance Reviewers, Match Commissioners, Citing Commissioners and Judicial Officers) who also require opportunities to become more ‘professional’ in their roles. 

“As such, we are delighted to be announcing such a good group of referees and assistants for our tournament. It is a privilege to be working with such a group and it ensures that the games will be in very good hands.”

Four of the five referees that controlled games in 2016 are back, with Montes, Assmus, Schneider and Weaver banking on the experience of the inaugural tournament.

“Experience is crucial and we are delighted with the group of officials designated by World Rugby and their assistants provided by the home union at each game,” concluded Arnold.

Referee Appointments





Feb. 3

Brazil v. Chile

Claudio Cativelli (Uruguay)

Ricardo Sant’Anna and Murillo Bragotto (Brazil)

Feb. 4

USA v. Uruguay

Chris Assmuss (Canada)

Derek Summers and Scott Green (USA)

Feb. 4

Canada v. Argentina XV

Kurt Weaver (USA)

Harry Mason and Michael Jones (Canada)

Feb. 11

Argentina XV. Uruguay

Kurt Weaver (USA)

Damian Schneider and Santiago Altobelli (Argentina)

Feb. 11

USA v. Brazil

Pablo Deluca (Argentina)

Scott Green and Jim Rogers (USA)

Feb. 11

Canada v. Chile

Derek Summers (USA)

Doug Hamre and Robin Kaluzniak (Canada)

Feb. 18

Chile v. Argentina XV

Ricardo Santa’Anna (Brazil)

Francisco Saavedra and Luis Diaz (Chile)

Feb. 18

Uruguay v. Brazil

Pablo Deluca (Argentina)

Joaquin Montes and Francisco Gonzalez (Uruguay)

Feb. 18

Canada v. USA

Damien Schneider (Argentina)

David Smortchevsky and David Crisp (Canada)

Feb. 25

Chile v. USA

Ricardo Sant’Anna (Brazil)

Frank Mendez and Tomas Fernandez (Chile)

Feb. 25

Argentina XV v. Brazil

Claudio Cativelli (Uruguay)

Damien Schneider and Pablo Deluca (Argentina)

Feb. 25

Uruguay v. Canada

Derek Summers (USA)

Joaquin Montes and Rodrigo Goyret (Uruguay)

Mar. 3

Brazil v. Canada

Damian Schneider (Argentina)

Ricardo Sant’Anna and Murillo Bragotto (Brazil)

Mar. 4

Uruguay v. Chile

Kurt Weaver (USA)

Claudio Cativelli and Martin Bangueses (Uruguay)

Mar. 4

Argentina XV v. USA

Joaquin Montes (Uruguay)

Santiago Altobelli and Jose Covassi (Argentina)

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