Law amendments go global from 1 July

World Rugby have reminded the rugby community that a number of minor law amendments, approved and announced in September 2015, will come into effect from 1 July in the northern hemisphere having already been implemented in the southern hemisphere since the start of the year.

Northern hemisphere to come into line with minor law amendments next month

The June tests will be played under the current laws of the game, with the exception of the maul application guideline, which applies from today (1 June 2016).

The main amendments are:

  • The replacement of a player injured following foul play does not count as one of the allotted number of replacements available to that team
  • Advantage may be played following a scrum collapse if there is no risk to player safety
  • Play acting or “simulation” is specifically outlawed in the game in a move that formalises resistance to a practice that has been creeping into the game in recent years. Any player who dives or feigns injury in an effort to influence the match officials will be liable for sanction
  • Teams must be ready to form a scrum within 30 seconds of the scrum being awarded, unless the referee stops the clock for an injury or another stoppage
  • At a re-set scrum following a 90-degree wheel, the ball is thrown in by the team that previously threw it in rather than the team not in possession
  • The scrum-half of the team not in possession at a scrum may not move into the space between the flanker and number eight
  • When the ball has been at the number eight’s feet in a stationary scrum for 3-5 seconds, the referee will call “use it” and the attacking team must use the ball immediately

In addition, an important maul law application guideline, that has been in place in the southern hemisphere since 1 January, will be enforced in the north from today (1 June). Specifically, the ball must now be moved backwards hand-to-hand once the maul has formed, with a player not being allowed to physically move or slide to the back of the maul when he is in possession of the ball.

More guidance on the maul law changes can be found here