SANZAR rumoured to be introducing DRS in 2016

Interesting developments in SANZAR for next season, if this report in The Australian it turns out to be accurate. 

Following some well publicised issues in recent Rugby Championship games, the southern hemisphere competitions are looking at introducing a decision review system, giving each side a number of challenges to refereeing decision.  

The Australian suggests the details are still being worked through but the base idea is that each team will be allowed a minimum of three challenges but not lose a referral whenever they make a successful review. They haven’t yet decided whether the captain or the coach could make the decision, given the propensity of the captain to be involved in play and potentially unsighted from each incident.  

Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie cautiously welcomed the news of the SANZAR initiative. “The only thing I’m mindful of is how much dead time there is in a game,” McKenzie said. “If you challenge the call and get it right you can challenge again and theoretically you could have 20 challenges. People want to be entertained, they want to be kept entertained, they don’t want to be sitting there watching replays. I don’t know the solution but it is interesting they at least are having the conversation.”

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