Law clarification – Conversion in 7s

From the IRB: 

Clarification in Law by the Designated Members of Rugby Committee

Clarification 2 – 2014

Law Reference 9 –Taking a conversion kick (Sevens variation)
Date June 26, 2014

Request – Law 9.B.1 9 (e) – Taking a conversion kick

  1. Who can or should inform the referee of the team’s decision to opt to take the conversion or not? Can anyone or must it be the captain, try scorer or conversion taker? Or any of the foregoing, bearing in mind that one of the foregoing individuals may be some distance from the referee and be inaudible? 
  2. Are there any specific words or signal that must be used to indicate to the referee of the team’s decision as to whether they will take the conversion or restart play? 
  3. In relation to the timing restriction on when a team can opt not to take the conversion and to instead restart play, what happens if there is a delay in the referee ruling that a try has been scored (i.e. if he is behind the player or the TMO is consulted) which results in the clock going past 0.00? 
  4. Lastly, if the team chooses not to take the conversion do they have to be set to take the restart before the clock reaches 0.00 and the hooter sounds? Or do the same principles apply regarding other restarts of play such as the lineout whereby the ball may go out of play before the clock reaches 0.00 and the lineout must still take place regardless of whether it has formed or not before 0.00? 

Clarification of the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee
A try is not scored until awarded by the Referee. The decision not to take the conversion must be relayed by the try scorer to the referee, by saying “No Kick” after the award of the try and before the time reaches 00.00. In the event of the Referee utilizing the TMO then the clock will be stopped.

Once the decision is made to forfeit the conversion the referee will award a kick off. The kick off will take place regardless of whether players were ready at 00.00 or not.

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