IRB Law Clarification 3-2012: Front Row replacements/Uncontested scrums

Clarification 3: 15 November ’12


The IRFU seeks urgent clarification on Law 3.14(d):
With the introduction of 23 player squads, is it the intention that Law 3.14(d) is applicable? We believe it should be applicable, as otherwise a tam can still contrive to have uncontested scrums and still remain with 15 players.
Furthermore is 3.14(d) is not applied it raises complicated Law issues when all eight substitutes have been utilised.

Clarification of the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee

The Designated Members consider that the provisions of Law 3.14(d) should apply when 23 players are nominated for a match.
Law 3.14(d) states “A provision may be introduced that where uncontested scrums are ordered as a result of there being no suitably trained and experienced front row replacement for any reason, the team concerned shall not be entitled to replace the player whose departure caused uncontested scrums.”