Steve Walsh is back

Glad to see Steve Walsh is back in the game. Obviously sorted himself out after his public fall from grace in NZ and now it seems the Australians have taken him under their wing.

Now the Super 14 appointments are done on form not country of origin, it does open things up for him, providing he can prove himself capable. Always was a good one in my eyes, and was a shame to see him finish his previous career the way he did.

Good luck!



  1. You have to be kidding me. The most narcissistic referee of all time (and with Alain Rolland around that takes some doing) with an appalling record of inappropriate on-pitch behaviour, his ejection from top flight refereeing was far too late in coming. Nothing against him personally, and I am glad he is over his personal problems, but he really shouldn’t be involved in top flight sport IMHO.

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