RWC Final ref – 2015?

I see the IRB have announced the refs for this years 7s circuit. Now seen as the breeding ground for the future Panel’s who do you reckon will come through from this lot?

The IRB has announced the referees appointed to its eight tournaments in 2007-08. They include referees from Romania and Fiji.

The referees are: James Jones (Wales), Neil Paterson (Scotland), Andrew Small (England), Simon McDowell (Ireland), David Keane (Ireland), Horatiu Borgaunas (Romania), Carlo Damasco (Italy), Jean-Luc Rebollal (France), Eric Gauzins (France), Pro Legoete (South Africa), Jaco Peyper (South Africa), James Bolabiu (Fiji), Ian Smith (Australia), Julian Pritchard (Australia), Garratt Williamson (New Zealand)

There will also be local nominees for individual tournaments.

Naturally, I have removed myself from contention at this stage….. 😉